My Projects


Team project

Create an office, fight other players' offices

pixel painter

Solo project

Pixel painter created in C# and WPF


Team project

Fly through a shaft to get out of a spaceship

Pirate Invasion

Team project

Game prototype about shooting pirates

Clumsy Husband

Game jam

Don't make your wife angry. Do your chores!

Arena survival

Solo project

Learning DirectX by making a game

FPS Level

Solo project

Level design created for a FPS game

Car rigging

Solo project

Car rigged with bones and controllers

About Me

Jeroen De Jonghe

Programmer & game developer

I'm a 22 years old graduate Digital Arts & Entertainment at Howest, Belgium
You can always learn something new


Main language

C++ is the language I mostly write code in. I use Visual Studio as development environment

Very good


Often used language

I use C# to create tools in WPF or games together with Unity because it is easy to learn

Very Good


Game Engine

Powerful engine for creating games. I write code in C# but if necessary I can learn JavaScript

Very good

Unreal Engine

Game Engine

With the use of blueprints you can create wonderful things. C++ gives more freedom


Visual Studio

programming environment

The software i use for writing in C++ and C#. Breakpoints, Call Stack, diagnostic tools

Very good

Autodesk 3DS Max

Modelling software

This is the software i use for modelling high-poly and low-poly props ready for baking



Texturing software

After baking all the maps in 3DS Max I use Photoshop to texture the props so we can render them



Source control

For group projects it is easier to use a source control. I know Bitbucket and TortoiseHg


Contact Details

Some useful links

Address :

Steenweg Deinze 124, 9810 Nazareth